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V4 Academy: Workshops on New Technologies

Visegrad Film Hub returns for its second edition within BEAST IFF 2019. This year, the V4 accademy takes a look at the new technologies and new ways of sotrytelling with a programme that is proposing an extensive list of parallel events such as talks, masterclasses and workshops, bringing together a great pool of audivisual entushiasts and field professionals. The idea behind the workshops program is to give access to new learning possibilities at the border of film and technology, using specific tools such as creative coding, argumentative light and interactive technologies as narrative device in diverse forms.

VIDEO MAPPING WORKSHOP 05 & 06 October (10:00 - 17:00)

Casa Comum de Reitoria de Universidade de Porto - Praça de Gomes Teixeira
Applications open:

Video mapping is a part of evolution of visual art indicating manifestation of visual art and technology to create an optical illusion using the game with light. As a conclusion, ordinary objects are changed into awesome magical creations. Artists can simply apply their majestics sketches to any 3D materials, for example buildings. In cooperation with the TRAKT from Slovakia, workshop intends to give the participants an overview of the different possibilities to create a live installation wrapping projected virtual content around a real world object.

During the 2 days workshop, the students will get to work with specific software to create a projection mapping project. This workshop is intended for participants who want to learn how to develop projection mapping projects for future events, art installations, and performances.

Workshop organized in partnership with TRAKT

FREE ENTRY | Level: Beginners
*Discussion in English


05 October | 16:00

OKNA - Espaço Cultural - Rua Igreja de Cedofeita 27
Applications open:

Human face became one of the most often used objects being in the constant recognition and even tracking mode by computers today. Tracking face means detection and possibly recognition, over time. Machine, when tracking face recognises that it's a face and follows its movement interpreting it on the way of emotions recognition. Why not to reverse the roles? If machines can control our faces, let's control the machine by your face! Using the visual programming language for creating multimedia works - Pure Data (Pd) participants of the workshop held by Photon Foundation from Poland will get familiar with the graphical programming with a result of controlling video playback literally with movement of the face.

Workshop organized in partnership with Photon Foundation

FREE ENTRY | Level: Beginners
*Discussion in English



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